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Beginnings of business

The idea of helping people in London, or the whole of England, brought me a few things. First, I completed more than half a year of work in London behind the bar. Secondly, a few satisfied friends, whom I advised before they came to London. Furthermore, a way to start making money while being independent in some way. And last but not least, pragmatism. In 2012, I wanted to take my girlfriend back to London for a few days, but on the other hand, I didn’t want to spend much. So I brushed up my knowledge of my stay, roughly drafted the offer, set up a free web site on the and launched a pilot project to help people in England…

This site serves as a supplementary gainful activity to ensure the financing of the organization’s (easydirection.org) activities.

The idea was actually simple. I will help somebody and as a reward they will let us stay overnight for free. Viktor and the art teacher told me that simplicity was strength. Under this motto I also compiled the website. Only basic information, offered basic services. Something similar to what you can now see at www.easytouk.com, only the information was much less.

To my surprise, more and more people started asking me for help. As an unknown person, most of the clients at that time demanded a personal meeting, which took a lot of time at that time. Although I got paid transport, but go 4 hours to the other part of the country, spend there with the client less than an hour and 4 hours back.

The web was starting and a complete boom occurred during the summer. As an inexperienced boy with work with people – I mean, in terms of service management, scheduling, etc.
There was a completely different merry-go-round for me than it was when working in hospitality. You work your way, go home with a clear head and the next day do the same. Now I had to respond to my e-mails every day, represent myself, my services, and slowly began to look and live completely with another world. A world that I began to like. A 23-year-old boy is starting to start off something that was actually launched just to save money for a three-day stay in London.

Especially the ideal opportunity to share experiences that I myself had not had three years ago and eagerly absorbed by my “coach”.

Some may say that I capitalize on people’s ignorance and that everyone can arrange the services themselves. Yes, I don’t deny it. I am not in a position, nor have I ever been to persuade or force people to use my services. I see it differently.
E.g. If I found someone similar to me, before traveling to Ireland or the UK, I’d like to pay for it myself and have the administration arranged. The laziness and ignorance of the future environment always overpower the willingness to seek things.

Over time, when I added information, cheaper and expensive services on the web, I always tried to target the overall client satisfaction.
And how to achieve this? Giving people the opportunity to earn something…
If you pay for something, it may not always be an expense. It could be an investment. An investment that will return you many times over.

This is achieved by additional services that I offer to clients. What if you save on a ticket, extra baggage charge, airport ticket, public transport, accommodation, etc.
Yes, you still pay for it, but you pay less. And paying less means saving money…

The current site name was preceded by two previous names. First it was www.londyn2012.wbs.cz, then I paid for the domain www.radydociziny.com and in November 2016 started and redirected everything to www.easytouk.com.
The last version of the site is exactly what I have always imagined. Summary of the most important information in one place, with the possibility to use my paid support, or save money not only in the above list of things.
The point is, as I state on the website itself, to at least return people the amount invested, if not to save more.

I enjoy working with people and, like Viktor once, I want to share ideas to make life easier. Despite the fact that I have a unique opportunity to get to know a lot of people, their fates and in some way get inspired.
I won’t teach people how to become a multiple millionaire overnight. This (unfortunately – or thankfully ???) I do not know myself. But I want to pass on a vision.
A vision that most people can use while traveling, planning, choosing jobs, etc.

If I counted the total beginnings, ie about summer 2010, a lot of people have gone through my hands since then. Several thousand.
Sometimes it went butter, sometimes complications. I will not argue that my service has always been excellent. A big problem is in the solution of accommodation. The whole chapter is devoted to my work website.

Nowadays, thanks to many years of work in this field, I can proudly say that many people are asking me for help. And even more pleased that it is people who have received referrals from someone else.

A larger number of people caused a greater demand not only for accommodation. In this respect, I have a unique opportunity to negotiate various discounts for clients. Of course, when I accommodate at least ten people who arrive in one week, the accommodation provider accepts a discount on the rent, because it pays off.

Thanks to my work and personal website I gradually fulfill my dreams in the form of described projects and in my secret soul I believe (and hope) that it could inspire someone not only to start my own business or the first steps to fulfill my dream. Life is too short to put things away forever or indefinitely.

I am not saying that people should not be patient. But by the age of 80, you won’t do a lot of things that you might be denying your old age.


Published: 16/07/2010 at 10:00 AM

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