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No goal is so far away, to at least try to achieve it...

Briefly about me

A little more narration and summary of information that will tell you more about my life, goals and dreams.

Currently I am fully dedicated to the non-profit organization EasyDirection.org and our pilot project First Reasonable Cleaning Pyramid. In addition, I plan other projects related to the activities of the association.

8 years ago, I combined friendly with a useful and established website EasyToUK, which has, in recent years, undergone several updates from the change of the previous name to the current one, after completing a lot of useful information. My job is to manage the site and communicate with people who plan to come UK (or leave the country).
Therefore I need mainly an internet connection that is available in many places nowadays. Thanks to this, I have the opportunity to spend more than less time planning and then implementing my projects…

If I’m not somewhere or training, I have “home” in two places – in the Czech Republic (Kolin – town close to Prague).

For more information, the possibilities of cooperation or the arrangement of a common trip, training, coffee, project, or anything else, do not hesitate to contact me:

Josef Holoubek

Some photos from trips