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9 out of 10 people confirmed an improvement in their quality of life

Publikováno: 13/12/2019

Yes, it is. An incredible 9 out of 10 people confirmed that they had been improving and improving their lives in just one month. They didn’t have to take any medication, it didn’t take more than one minute of time every day and yet there are visible positive results. And what lies behind the success […]

A game for every day

Publikováno: 08/10/2019

Just few things break down differences between people, ONE of them is project CLEAN TO SUCCESS. It is a lifestyle that everyone can afford. Prove that you can do it. And maybe in this game. Every successful person has a routine that helps, makes life easier, or makes money. And as with everything, it’s up […]

What is it…

Publikováno: 08/10/2019

Exercise to strengthen discipline and keep motivation on the way to personal success. The secondary added value is the garbage-free world. What should I do? Collect & throw 7 discarded garbage every day. How did it begin? In the beginning, there was a search for an undemanding discipline improvement exercise that would meet the following […]