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No goal is so far away, to at least try to achieve it...


Publikováno: 09/09/2019

Another direction I would like to take in my life. The last 30 years of my life in this amazing world has given me a lot of opportunities to live and what I want to achieve. EasyDirection.org is designed as a source of inspiration, motivation and realization of ideas. At the beginning, it all includes […]

Three months of work abroad = several months of stay (not only) in the Caribbean

Publikováno: 01/12/2016

This time I would like to introduce you to an idea that I did not invent, but watched and wiretapped, tried it myself and saw many other people practice it… I don’t mean I just spend a few months in the Caribbean, but it’s a point and it feels like a nice comparison. Again, I […]

Beginnings of business

Publikováno: 16/07/2010

The idea of helping people in London, or the whole of England, brought me a few things. First, I completed more than half a year of work in London behind the bar. Secondly, a few satisfied friends, whom I advised before they came to London. Furthermore, a way to start making money while being independent […]

IRELAND, 15 months that changed my life…

Publikováno: 31/12/2009

Where I am today and what I do, I certainly owe my stay in Ireland. More precisely, Viktor. Viktor was a Ukrainian who worked in a hotel gym. He was there for less than half the time, doing business, traveling and more or less doing what he enjoyed. Now, in retrospect, I think he saw […]

From collecting elderberries, through a small town pub and 5 * hotels, up to 15 months to Ireland

Publikováno: 31/05/2008

Since my father was an electrician and my mother was a village retail operator and a future employee of the Czech Post, I decided to become a waiter at the age of fifteen. Surprisingly, I passed the entrance examination for the hotel school and had an imaginary door open to gain experience in a new, […]

What gave me youth and a boy scout

Publikováno: 16/09/1996

My parents enrolled me in the Boy Scout at the beginning of primary school. I still don’t know why. Maybe my father was often at work and my mother didn’t have enough strength in he hand to guide me. One way or another, I had to get out of the car on the first Friday […]