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No goal is so far away, to at least try to achieve it...

100+ ideas to invest in yourself

100+ ideas and inspiration for a better life. It is a day-to-day game that will make you money everyday.


10 + 1 qualitites for investors beginners

Every day, all kinds of investment opportunities are undercut. Some are advantageous, others less. All of them, however, have a great presentation of how someone else can better value our money or our time. Today I want to present some of the methods that help me make better decisions. Most of them I have already […]

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A million-dollar idea

Every day we think about 50,000 thoughts… If we sleep 8 hours, it’s one thought per second. It is almost certain that at least one of them could be worth a million dollars. Let’s take a look at how to keep, analyze and try to realize those important ideas. Try to think about what you […]

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Exercise to strengthen discipline and keep motivation on the way to personal success. The secondary added value is the garbage-free world.


9 out of 10 people confirmed an improvement in their quality of life

Yes, it is. An incredible 9 out of 10 people confirmed that they had been improving and improving their lives in just one month. They didn’t have to take any medication, it didn’t take more than one minute of time every day and yet there are visible positive results. And what lies behind the success […]

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A game for every day

Just few things break down differences between people, ONE of them is project CLEAN TO SUCCESS. It is a lifestyle that everyone can afford. Prove that you can do it. And maybe in this game. Every successful person has a routine that helps, makes life easier, or makes money. And as with everything, it’s up […]

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What is it…

Exercise to strengthen discipline and keep motivation on the way to personal success. The secondary added value is the garbage-free world. What should I do? Collect & throw 7 discarded garbage every day. How did it begin? In the beginning, there was a search for an undemanding discipline improvement exercise that would meet the following […]

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Wandering between Instanbul and Ankara

Aka from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea ... From the Czech Republic I flew to Antalya, then walk across Turkey to the town of Kefken and then further to Istanbul, after 20 days I walked 1 000 kilometers.


Wandering introduction (before I left)

Walking through Turkey is one of my goal that has just matured to succeed. In the past I have visited Turkey 6 times (2x airport plane change, 1x vacation in resort, 1x stop in Istanbul and back and 2x smaller weekly international projects in Ankara and somewhere inland). In short, not enough time to discover […]

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Annapurna circuit

Trek around the tenth highest mountain in the world - Annapurna (8,091 meters above sea level)...


Wandering in Tenerife, sleeping in a volcano crater, walked around 1,000 kilometers in 5 or 6 visits ... An ideal place to acclimatize to 3 500 m during the winter in Europe.



I visited the Spanish island of Tenerife for several reasons. Firstly, there are cheap air tickets and it is one of the few places where I can train in shorts and acclimatize at altitudes above 3500 metres. The island has become my home about five or six times. I don’t really remember it myself. Anyway, […]

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Everest Base Camp trek

Monthly journey in Nepal to the base camp of world's highest mountain - Mount Everest (8 848 metres above sea level) and then over three passes over 5 000 metres above sea level...

West Highland Way

350 kilometres of the Scottish countryside, around the lake, remote settlements, and larger villages, and a 360-degree view from the highest Scottish mountain, Ben Nevis. I went to Glasgow from London for £2 and the price from Fort William (end of WHW) went back to Glasgow for about £ 25. So I walked it all back on foot ... In the rain ...

JOSEF HOLOUBEK - from childhood to the present (author's profile) ...

Some shorter (and longer) articles about my growing up, thinking and the world and life view so you can get a rough picture of the person who is talking about (not only) the travel, business and "journey" ... I hate to impose guidance on someone, but rather the direction and summary of the experience that I have gained in 30 years of my life. My attitudes and opinions that I present here may not be "right" all the times, but they may at least make life easier ...



Another direction I would like to take in my life. The last 30 years of my life in this amazing world has given me a lot of opportunities to live and what I want to achieve. EasyDirection.org is designed as a source of inspiration, motivation and realization of ideas. At the beginning, it all includes […]

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Three months of work abroad = several months of stay (not only) in the Caribbean

This time I would like to introduce you to an idea that I did not invent, but watched and wiretapped, tried it myself and saw many other people practice it… I don’t mean I just spend a few months in the Caribbean, but it’s a point and it feels like a nice comparison. Again, I […]

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Beginnings of business

The idea of helping people in London, or the whole of England, brought me a few things. First, I completed more than half a year of work in London behind the bar. Secondly, a few satisfied friends, whom I advised before they came to London. Furthermore, a way to start making money while being independent […]

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IRELAND, 15 months that changed my life…

Where I am today and what I do, I certainly owe my stay in Ireland. More precisely, Viktor. Viktor was a Ukrainian who worked in a hotel gym. He was there for less than half the time, doing business, traveling and more or less doing what he enjoyed. Now, in retrospect, I think he saw […]

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