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No goal is so far away, to at least try to achieve it...

Three months of work abroad = several months of stay (not only) in the Caribbean

This time I would like to introduce you to an idea that I did not invent, but watched and wiretapped, tried it myself and saw many other people practice it…

I don’t mean I just spend a few months in the Caribbean, but it’s a point and it feels like a nice comparison. Again, I will draw on the experience of dissatisfied people.
Most people know it. You have a lot of people around you complaining. I will mainly describe experiences with people of my generation. People after school, without obligations and any particularly serious medical complications.
Those people who still complain about how unfair the world is to them. When I hear this, I like to say, „GO ABROAD!“. Then there will be plenty of arguments, from what will be with the relationship, who would take care of the dog, to a large initial investment.

Yes, of course, there is always an investment when you want to achieve something, or God forbid to make money. We are not in a fairy tale to walk in the woods and find full pots of ducats. Even a gambler who plays junkies knows that if he wants to win, he must throw something into the hell machine first.

Philosophically, what are three months in life? Take any three months of the year maybe two years back. If something essential has not happened, even if you have not died guinea pig or frightened aquarium fish, do you remember that? Hardly…
Now imagine that these three months you are abroad, eg in London and you are working (yes, I describe London because I know it here – you can also work in Germany / Switzerland / USA / etc.). Monthly, you will have to pay $ 800 after paying all the cost of living. Three times is $ 2400. In the three months of your life when you live normally, eat normally, drink, occasionally go for fun and still have that amount in the finals.
And you work for example as an auxiliary force in the kitchen. If you serve guests or work in the office, there is much more money left from payouts.

Earnings can be higher or lower – depending on how much you reduce your claims and want to earn money for something or something that will make your life more pleasant or enrich in the future.

What about the money now? I would invest it and increase it by at least 1/3. But this article is not about investment. After all, you went to work to fulfill your dream.
In today’s world, where airlines compete in various low-cost flights, you can get a return ticket to a larger part of the world between $ 1,000. But with careful search and popularity of the destination, the price may be several thousand lower.

Combined with the experience of cheaper transport, finding cheap accommodation, finding a way to reduce costs by extracting goods at your destination and lots of other things and circumstances, you can suddenly go almost anywhere in the world and live there for several months…
No paid vacation from a travel agency (which is actually a chapter in itself), but only you, or a few friends (girlfriend / boyfriend) and places you always wanted to see, but lacked the finances and maybe a bit of determination…

With hindsight, believe that you will have memories not of three months of work, but of the time spent fulfilling your travel dream…

Mathematics is simple. I, in my early days in England, slept in a walk-through lounge or basement, because it was simply cheaper. Now, with an interval of years, I just laugh. The money I saved as a result has already been invested several times and maybe even doubled or tripled.
And yet just a little (and for a moment) to take away from your values and comfort. Then the negative things remain in the head, but just the positive.

Anyone who had the time, the mood and the desire to read this, I believe it will at least give thought. To think it may be good, but it may be even better. Or to the inspiration and the very first (imaginary) step on the way to the goal of your (ancient, seemingly impossible) dream…


Published: 01/12/2016 at 10:00 AM

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