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No goal is so far away, to at least try to achieve it...

What is it…

Exercise to strengthen discipline and keep motivation on the way to personal success.
The secondary added value is the garbage-free world.

What should I do?

Collect & throw 7 discarded garbage every day.

How did it begin?

In the beginning, there was a search for an undemanding discipline improvement exercise that would meet the following 5 criteria:

1. Simple, but still need to do some work.
2. Can be practice every day, anywhere in the world.
3. We will see the immediate result of our work.
4. Subconsciously develops other habits.
5. It has added value for society.

And then there was the involvement of exercise in everyday life:

Journey’s success is a cycle that is constantly repeating. Through discipline we maintain the motivation that develops tools to achieve it. If we do not have the discipline, we lose motivation to build tools for success. Take a look at this example:

I’ll name it
(for example, earn a million per year, run a marathon, lose 10 kilograms in a quarter of a year, graduate from college, etc.)

Suitable tools
(time, courage, money, readiness, creativity, vision, physicist, aggressiveness, education, organization, etc., etc.)

Different tools are needed to run a marathon and others to study university or create passive income.

How do I get it?
I will learn/develop/refine/adopt/consolidate
(I need to write a way to reach it for each tool)

Using motivation
(mind settings why do something)

Using the DISCIPLINE I strengthen every day

By joining the “CLEANING TO SUCCESS” project, where I pick up and throw away 7 discarded garbage every day

Because I want to achieve success

(and we’ll go back to the beginning)

10 + 1 points (habits) that we unconsciously develop and help us as tools for success:

1. Openness to new things
2. Mindfulness and thought
3. We immediately see the result of our work
4. Three ‘step’ plan (SIMPLIFY -> SPEED -> AUTOMATIC)
5. Improving decision making
6. Easier building rituals
7. Exit from comfort zone
8. Lead by example
9. Be proud of yourself day after day
10. Use of disposable things several times

11. We improve the world by achieving our success

How to get involved?

Anyone who wants to achieve something in life.
No matter where you are in the world. Simply pick up and throw away 7 discarded garbage every day.

What is the goal?

Strengthen discipline, develop useful habits, and achieve what we want in life.

What is the vision?

Clean the world as a by-product of our journey to personal success.

The challenge for 2020

Enjoy the good feeling of your journey to success every day by noting it. You know exactly what this exercise should give you and why you do it.

Simply print the following 2020 plan.

Challenge 2020 (CLEAN TO SUCCESS)

After completing the exercise, color the box with your favorite color.

Spring kilogram / Summer kilogram / Autumn kilogram / Winter kilogram

The seasons change four times a year and for each month of change we have a simple diversification of the challenge. Let’s pick up one kilogram of waste one day in a given month.

Spring kilogram (March)
Summer kilogram (June)
Autumn kilogram (September)
Winter kilogram (December)

9 out of 10 people confirmed that joining the First Reasonable Cleaning Pyramid has improved their quality of life after a month
(the tenth doesn’t know about the project yet)

Be part of a project that will change the world and tag one with hashtags


And do not forget to think of our PR with hashtag



Published: 08/10/2019 at 10:50 AM

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