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No goal is so far away, to at least try to achieve it...

Wandering introduction (before I left)

Walking through Turkey is one of my goal that has just matured to succeed. In the past I have visited Turkey 6 times (2x airport plane change, 1x vacation in resort, 1x stop in Istanbul and back and 2x smaller weekly international projects in Ankara and somewhere inland). In short, not enough time to discover the country. I like to move outside the big cities, among the locals, who can give exactly the image of a country.
I want to take the path with some interesting opinion. So that it is not a stereotype such as a journey from Prague to Brno or vice versa. So the subtitle of my Turkish trip is: from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean sea.

Why to Turkey?
Turkey is widely regarded as such a bridge between Europe and Asia. Many people consider this country (such as kindly Iran) dangerous. This hate is not caused by ordinary people living in the country. They are the same people with common needs as you or me. And the more we point out and refute what we are massaged daily by the various media, the better.
Of course we can be anywhere and anytime „at the wrong time and in the wrong place“, but in most cases we meet normal everyday people who just want to live.
With my wandering I would like to point out the kindness and openness of ordinary people, because that’s what it is all about.

Journey to Turkey
I would like to hitchhike the shores of the Black Sea. From Kolín I will go by train to Brno, public transport on the outskirts of the city and then leave everything to willing drivers and fate. Through Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria I would like to arrive in Turkish Edirne. Overnight in tent.
In Edirne I will use the couchsurfing and I would like to keep here my winter sleeping bag, warm clothes and cooking stuff. Along the way it will be cold, so I will carry these items in a separate bag that I would like to keep in Edirne and take it back on my way home.

Why Edirne?
It is the first and at the same time the last larger city to arrive and leave Turkey. It leads the main transport hub towards Europe.
Much better on accommodation, buying a sim card and storing things than a huge Istanbul.
At the same time, I am sure that I will return home the same way.

From Edirne to the shores of the Black Sea
The next day I would like to continue from Edirne around Istanbul towards the Black Sea town of Kefken. It’s 404 km, which can be done in a day, but it always depends on a lot of circumstances from willing drivers to the weather.
I plan to spend the night through couchsurfing and after a short tour of the city go out the next day to wander.

From Kefken to Antalya
I would like to cut a journey of less than 700 km after about 50 kilometers per day. The elevation would be based on an average of 600 meters. If I go 10 hours a day, 8 I sleep, I have another 6 hours to communicate with the locals.
I do not plan the route in detail in advance. At mapy.cz I entered Kefken – Antalya and listed some clues.
I plan to sleep in the tent overnight or through couchsurfing.

From Antalya to home
I will hitchhike again. In Edirne I will pick up the equipment for the winter, and as soon as possible I want to dive into the Czech Republic.


Published: 13/10/2019 at 11:45 AM

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